What makes ATE different?

If you’re reading this blog entry then odds are that you are one of the early people to take a look at our website and wonder what this larp is about. I’m going to assume that means you’re probably already a larper and have some familiarity with boffer larps and the games out there. You may be asking yourself “what makes your larp different from others?” We’re still working out the details of our rules but we know some things that will set us apart and we thought we’d share them now for you to start thinking and asking about.

  1. Sci-fi World: ATE exists in a science fiction world of a possible future. Our game does have science fiction elements of science that is only theoretically possible even if we do take some gonzo liberties with it. While there are sci-fi elements and sci-fi games in Georgia (and we do love those games)  sci-fi is the minority and there are no other current post-apoc sci-fi games.
  2. Gun Party: most games with contact combat focus on hand to hand combat. Our game has a very narrow list of available melee weapons and puts a heavy emphasis on gun combat via foam darts.
  3. Gritty Economy: Items are going to expire and bullets have to be counted. On top of that there is no actual money in the game, only a variety of resources that can be used. This means on top of worrying about expiring items and counting bullets you’ll have to barter with other players and NPC’s to get the resources you may need.
  4. Relationship Dyanamic Mechannics: we will have more detailed game mechanics for how having a personal relationship with someone can give in game benefits.We’ll be giving more detail on this in a later post but let’s just say that when that saloon keeper listens to your troubles they may be helping you out with game mechanics.
  5. Less is More: Our current plan is to run 3-4 three day events per year and 1-2 Con events. We have a busy life already and one more LARP would not be possibly if it was 8-12 events per year. We hope that our lighter schedule will be attractive to those who love larping but have dropped out due to hectic schedules and time commitments.

So what info comes next? Some of that is up to you! Let us know on our Facebook and G+ groups what you’re looking forward to finding out.