What can I play?

So here you are coming to the end of the world. Who are you anyway? We’re not ready to put our character creation rules out there just yet but there are a few core basics that we are ready to share.

    1. Only Human: Everyone is human. There are no aliens that you know of. There is no time travel. No Clones. No androids or other sentient robots. While you will encounter sentient mutated animals and robots that could pass a Turing test no players begin game as anything other than human
    2. Without Class: ATE is a game without class. There is a fairly short skill list that anyone can buy into if they want
    3. No Regional Bonuses: our game will take place in Georgia because we are in Georgia. Characters presumably come from the surrounding region as travel is difficult. Many games have kingdom or world based bonuses. This is not the case in ATE. You won’t see anyone who pays less XP for Performance because they come from Nashville or a bonus to Sawbones because they were raised in the shadow of the CDC.
    4. Deja Vu: Much like in FoD and Fractured, you’ll be starting out with a base number of points to buy Skills and also three Traits. Many of the basic abilities will be assumed in your character. Everyone can read, use melee weapons, fire and load firearms.

Ultimately, who and what you are in the world is up to you but in numbers it is Traits and Skill. Your region and your history with your parents may influence you but it does not define you any more than you decide.

That being said, there is an important component of all of this that we’ll be talking about soon in terms of what your character might become. We hope to get another blog post up this week expanding on this.