Meet the Mutants

In the post-apocalyptic future, most people get by on their wits and Grit (capitalization is not a typo- it’s a teaser). In the aftermath of civilization going belly up, technology and knowledge of the human body had to be adapted to new ways of surviving. Combine that with the fact that a ton more radiation is just floating around and you get what are generally referred to as “Mutants” by your average post-apoc survivor.

In order to become a Mutant, a character must be initiated into the tradition. However, the ways of each group are not secret and so most people know which one they would like to join if they even want to join at all. Once you become a Mutant, you are forever locked in to the type you have become; all other types of Mutants are cut off from you forever. Choose wisely.

Many of these Mutant groups emerged from different circumstances. Some people were trying to fill a goal and others were trying to re-purpose technology. Either way, if you’ve joined the Drifters Union (another teaser!) then you will be able to come to these well-known groups for training.  Provided you are up to their standards.

  • Celestials: martial artists and philosophers. Celestials make the most of their bodies in motion and the world as it is.
  • Cyborg: a little bit of mutation makes up for a lack of clean surgical centers. Cyborgs add technology to their own bodies but wind up being a bit fastidious and tech minded compared to others.
  • Confessor: having ESP gives you a sense of the sins of humanity. Confessors live by a moral code and try to help others do the same.
  • Frakkers: sometimes things need to get blown up. More than any other Mutant, Frakkers draw on the raw power of the radiation around them and channel it. Some call them volatile but they prefer to think of themselves as “independent thinkers.”
  • Gunslinger: before The End there were people who altered their minds to become the ultimate technology users for some of the extremely complicated machines. After the End, that same technique can be used on being the ultimate user of a signature weapon.
  • Moreau: If you have to live like an animal then why not become an animal? Some folks have animal features and grafts to help them survive. Instinct can be a strength though and a weakness so they’ve also found ways to channel that.
  • Planters: if you try to cultivate land, you’d best have a fence and some serious ammo to keep out poachers. On the other hand, you could get plant grafts and become your own farm. Better keep more of cheery disposition though, plants like that.
  • Resurrectionist: before the End, nanotechnology as a health aid was as ubiquitous as anti-biotics. Some people thought it was a good idea to try to change this into life extending tech after the End. The result was zombies. Reacting to that there became people who learned to ward off zombies, then to control them, then to create them.

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