Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow



2294 A.D.

March: The Federal policy of the War on Drifters ended. The Queen of Atlanta declared Atlanta’s borders to be withdrawn to the Great Wall of the 285 Perimeter.  The contested area around Lake Altoona was marked “Amnesty” by all parties and a group of enterprising Drifters made their way to establish a rough settlement.

June: Rumors circulate of a clash between the settlers of Amnesty and beings known as 404 and 187. Whispers in the lattice speak of powerful creatures called Corrupted who are conglomerates of multiple lost Echoes. After the war seemed well and truly settled, many Mutants came out of hiding to share their ways in a more open in free way than had been seen in many a year.

August: The rebellion in Tennessee at the Rock of Ages Cryogenic Rehabilitation Facility becomes publicly known. Boss Coin, an agent of Liberty Smith, takes hold of the dam at Lake Allatoona but is overthrown by the Drifters of Amnesty. Vermont Carson takes control of the dam. A new town is established as good Dr. Sugar, long thought lost in the war, emerges with a cure for the unformatted mutants known as the Gillfolk.

September: for the first time since the end of the War on Drifters, the Queen of Atlanta held an open house in Atlanta to celebrate. This joyous occasion is almost turned deadly when Boss Coin attempts an assassination attempt

October: a new town under the water is established called Sugartown. To an overwhelming vote of solidarity, Dr. Sugar is elected the mayor of the world’s first underwater town. Formal verbal agreements of non-aggression and friendship are made with the town of Amnesty and Vermont Carlson as keeper of the dam.

Winter (November – February 2294): Amnesty weathers its first Winter harshly. The initial rush of supplies found in the area is quickly depleted. The now civilized Gillfolk take to fishing and underwater hydroponics whose exchange leaves the town alive but with meager repast and little hope. By the end of winter, a plan is made and agreed upon.

2295 A.D.

April: The Battle of the Rock saw the Drifters of Amnesty travel North and attack the Rock of Ages prison with the tacit understanding and unofficial approval of the city of Chattanooga. At the Battle, neither Boss Coin nor Liberty Smith is seen in the course of the battle and this will prove to be a challenge to the town for years to come. A handful of the Applegate gang along with various master Mutants (Rosa, El Picador, Dr. Payne, The Preacher) come along to help. Even a few of the followers of the Great Mouse, led by Willy Geef, took the field with the people of Amnesty.


The remainder of the year was chiefly spent in the resolution of two challenges. The first was that periodically batches of prisoners would “wake” from Cryo-sleep and menace the town. On tap of that, a plague spread, causing itching blue boils on the face that would eventually lead to death if untreated. It was at this time that Gracie Mae rallied many Doctors and other medical professionals and the Steel Magnolias became what they are today, and to this day they roam the area helping those in need.

2296 A.D.

All is not well in the City of Chattanooga as various independent citizens calling themselves “border guards” or “citizen enforcers” begin guerilla attacks on the Rock of Ages settlement. Many of these groups appear to be backed by “Humans Only” groups and individuals. While the Federals are appealed to, they claim these are the actions of lone individuals and that since the Rock of Ages is technically an unlawful community they will do nothing to stop it. The intrepid Tina helped to allay these pressures by discovering a hidden control module that allowed the town’s hackers and junkers to gain partial control over the internal prisoner releases.


2297 A.D.

A year dominated by infrastructural development and struggles against nature itself. Jackalopes in the area begin to organize in an unprecedented manner, pushed back only by the joint efforts of Pete McCall and Hydrocephalus Auburn, who combined their natural mutant talents to assist these creatures in reclaiming their “homeland.” Meanwhile, Rosemund Greenwood and Jane “Trickshot” Tucker made their own lasting contributions to the community in the form of a library and tavern, the former of which became the site of immense future scholastic feats while the latter still stands today as the cornerstone of day-to-day life.


2298 A.D.

Many things are coming to a head. Some of them personal that only a few know about but others have involved the whole town of the Rock of Ages.


187’s Redemption

The Corrupted being known as 187 was once an enemy of the town but mended his ways with the help and compassion of others. At various points in battles 187 appeared to rally on the side of the town and he was counted as a friend to many. For the last few years, 187 has been working with Blue Khross and Cobalt Blue to find a way to help the Corrupted who grow more mad with every passing incarnation.


General Bile’s Zombie Army

A Resurrectionist gone bad has been harassing the town regularly for the last year with a shambling horde. Eventually, Dorothy Russell, Vermont Carson, and Georgiana House were instrumental in pushing the mad mutant back. He likely will attack again some time and when he does many hope to put him down once and for all.


Return of Liberty Smith

After many years and many run ins, Liberty Smith is returning to the Rock of Ages to claim what she says is her rightful territory. She’s come before with mutants, with hackers waking up prisoners, with heavy artillery and every conceivable device. The heroics of Hiram Bains, Dallas Spencer, and The Sandman, with the first two of claiming victory in high-stakes duels with Liberty’s followers and the third picking off an essential lieutenant, were central to the town’s survival against the former residents of the Rock of Ages. You don’t need to follow the rumor mill, though, to know that this time she means to commit in full and take the town — or die trying.


Warden’s Treaty

For years the town has had problems with the Federals of Chattanooga. Some harassers were always around claiming that they were protecting their border or making things safe for real Americans. Thanks to the works of Emmett Spivey and Victor Collins, with the support of Seth Llewellyn, Fannie Mae, and Matthias Kendall, a summit on Friday night of the gathering will determine the rules of a lasting peace where the town keeps the prison under control and the city keeps its violent citizens under control. That is, if everyone can agree on the terms.



2316 A.D. The beginning of Year One, whose shape shall be determined by what happens this weekend


In just a few short years, the folks that once sat round the fire at Amnesty have become living legends among Drifters.  


Blue Khross

Blue has become as skilled a doctor as there ever was and participated in a surgery that gave 187 his current mental clarity. While not always around, you can always count on Kross to help you out.


Cobalt Blue

One of the preeminent hackers in the region, Blue is known for her Hackin’ skills and her uncanny ability to tell what is going on all over the Lattice. She’s formed a lasting friendship with 187 after his reformation and, with his help, seeks to save the Corrupted as a class of being.


Dallas Spencer

Dallas has been on the drift for some time now as has his antagonist Smokestack. It seems that over the last four years there’s almost a running gag that you could have Dallas or Smokestack at a gathering but not both. Will this finally be the day they have their long awaited showdown?


Donatella Eastman

Many folks have needed help over the years and to move out of hostile territory and Donatella has been the person to do it. Some say she’s bad luck but really she’s just bad luck for those who cross her. Marcus Green has been known to help her in her enterprises.


Dorothy Russell

Dorothy is a known citizen of Atlanta but one whose personal loyalty has never been doubted. Her work on research for combatting the nano-dead has become well renowned even as far South as Valdosta. Her magnus opus, the Nano-Corporeal Destabilization Matrix, holds the power to utterly erase all nano-undead beings within a multiple mile radius.


Emmett Spivey

Emmett has cemented the good will of the City of Atlanta through his silver tongue and his able Junking skills. People often have sought out Emmett to speak on their behalf or to fix something and his reliability and willingness to help have earned him the nickname “The Rock of the Rock” to those inside and outside the settlement. Along with the other diplomats led by Victor Collins he has worked on arranging the meeting for the Warden’s Treaty on Friday night.


Fanny Mae

If you’re in need of some Scrap or any other thing for a loan you come to Fanny Mae. She’s one the best Scrapers the world has ever known and not a gather goes by that someone doesn’t show up to give her what is due to her.


Georgianna House

Georgianna joined the town after having survived the attempted assassination of the Queen of Atlanta via bomb back in 2294. While she has been a great doctor to the down and an excellent Hacker she is also known for her dedication to the artifacts of one she calls “The Doctor” a great and wise healer cult known for compassion in their actions if not in their words.


Gracie Mae

The compassionate healer and skilled performer has proven herself over the years to be an able leader. In just a few short years she has not only built an organization of roving healers known as the Steel Magnolias but also buffered the reputation of the same to all who are in need. Even a wandering Federal patrol and the more honorable of bandits will give pause or even seek succor of the Magnolias.


Hiram Bains

Hiram has always been the quiet sort but when his fists start flying you know that he’s ready to be a man of action. Over the years this quietness has led to a deep well of reflection and apparently at the bottom of the well as the ability to tear people apart with your bare hands.


Hydrocephalus Auburn

You might overlook Hydro’s status as the sole Planter in town but that would be a mistake. Everyone in town has had occasion to use one of his ungents or salves or even to eat the fruit that came out of his body. It’s sounds weirder than it is. At least when you get used to it.


Jane “Trickshot” Tucker

Once things got set up at the Rock of Ages Trickshot more or less fell into keeping up with the vittles and drink. Usually she was where she needed to be so folks just let it be — no reason to complain about a fine establishment when the owner always stumbles out to help right on time! Her fame has spread far and wide and she is often regarded as a true star.


Marcus Green

Nobody knows how to get in or out of a place they should or shouldn’t be in like this fella. He’s got his fingers in every shady deal that has gone down in town. This is not to say he hasn’t pulled his share of weight or that those shady deals ever hurt anyone who was part of town but if anyone is going to be fitted for a black hat in the afterlife it’s this guy.


Matthias Kendall

Matthias and the Old Glories have rallied to the defense of all peoples for four years. Matthias himself is known to be both stern and grim but to be fair unto a personal fault. When in need of a force that fights for the downtrodden raise Old Glory!


Pete McCall

For the first year we all joked about his monster bits. In the second year we all politely agreed not to mention how gross Pete was becoming with every new animal part. Now we’ve come full circle as inhuman as he looks and we all joke about it again. It seems there not any animal under the sun that Pete has not learned a trick or two from.


Rosemund Greenwood

She is known by many names: The Professor, The Librarian, The Voice of the Past. Whenever a scholarly question comes into view it is known that Rosemund, by whatever name you call her, should be the one consulted. Her work has built a library in the basement of the Rock of Ages and she is consulted even beyond the circle of Drifters.



He’s never really said he was a part of the town whether it was Amnesty or the Rock of Ages. To this day he lives at the edge of town taking life the best way he sees it. When you hear a hooping and a hollerin at the edge of town you can bet some Applegate has come to town is crashing with Sandman before they come into town the next day.


Seth Llewellyn

The world may not exactly have money but if it did you could bet that Seth would have to stuff his mattress with it not for safety and paranoia but for mere want of any other place to put all the cash he would have. He’s not much of a loaner as much as one who always can find a job for those willing to get their hands dirty.



In her bright yellow dress, Tina might seem conspicuous to some but her skills in the woods are not to be doubted. As a sentry able to stay up all night with her Red Eye abilities Tina has sounded the early warning many a time and saved the town from many depredations.


Vermont Carson

Most of the Drifters of Amnesty left to take up residence at the Rock of Ages but Vermont never really left. After seizing the dam at Lake Allatoona, Vermont began to enmesh himself into it and create his own private fiefdom. He’s long been a friend of the town, but his distance and increasing focus on his Resurrectionist nature have left him…distant.


Victor Collins

Originally arriving at the Queen’s party, Victor then moved on to Amnesty just in time for the famine. It was through his contacts that the vulnerabilities of the Rock of Ages were discovered and time and again his contacts and intelligence helped to avert or forewarn a crisis for the town. Victor has led the negotiation for the Warden’s Treaty along with Emmett Spivey and the summit is expected to occur on Friday night.


Willy Geef

Sometimes you just can’t trust a first impression. Between the mouse ears and the weird key looking dagger, you’d think that Willy was the last person who might rise among the town but he remains one of the best respected and most powerful legends of the Rock. His following has grown and the Cult of the Great Mouse is not going anywhere anytime soon.