Year Zero CP

How much Year Zero CP do I have?

In answer to a recent question about Year Zero CP we would like to offer the following guidelines:

  1. Each outdoor event of Year Zero was worth 20 CP. This includes our full three day at Harrison Bay and our one day events at Red Top Mountain and Indian Springs.
  2. Our Dragon Con event was worth 10 CP
  3. Player could buy 2 bonus CP with each game
  4. Players who turned in their feedback by the appointed deadline would receive 2 bonus CP per game

We had four outdoor events and one Con game last year. So, if you attended every game and did not Feedback or extra buy of XP then you goy

(4 x20) + (1 x 10) = 90

The maximum that you could have if you bought CP every game with Greenbacks or through Brownie exchange and turned in Feedback every single game is

(4 x20) + (1 x 10) + (4 x 5) = 110

None of the “bonus” loaner CP from our leap forward three day carries over but you do get the standard 20 plus other potential bonuses from that event.