Back to the Rock


2222 (back story)

“The End”. The year when the bees died. The year when everything fell apart.


2294 (first games of Year Zero)

The War on Drifters ends though some are unwilling to give up the fight.

Settlers head to Red Top Mountain and found the village of Amnesty


2295 (the time hop)

Facing food shortages, many of the settlers of Amnesty head North and take over the Rock of Ages Cryo-prison. This becomes their permanent home.


2298 (the last game of year zero)

The Battle with Liberty Smith finally settles the war between the former prisoners and the settlers of Rock of Ages. A formal signing of the Warden’s Treaty with Chattanooga begins a period of much needed peace.


For years the town grew and supported many legendary Drifters as they came and went, leaving stories and shots in their wake. So many years later, the doings of the original settlers have passed into something more like legends to their children and Drifters who came afterwards.




Winter is often a quiet time but the winter months had seen more than the usual amount of silence out of the Rock of Ages. Tales begin to circulate that the town has been abandoned with no sign of any of those who tucked into there just the fall before to wait out the winter.



The Present. A handful of Drifters have agreed that the time has come to take back the Rock. Some are children of the original settlers and may have lived here before. Some want to make sure the greatest Drifter town known of does not fall to raiders. Others have their own reasons. Regardless, they’ve come here in mid-April to see who has taken the town and take it back.