Dragon Con! Upcoming Events!

Howdy Drifters,

It’s been a dog’s age since we had an update like this. Since then we’ve had a staff member hit by a car (he got better) and added two more staff members Zach and David. We’d also like to welcome two new members of the Atlanta larping community: Garden of Destinies and Simulacra .

We’ve got lots of great stuff coming up and we want to get to the meat of things without rambling too long so what’s next for ATE?

Dragon Con: Mandate

Once again Freestyle Science returns to Dragon Con. Please come visit us at our table in the gaming area. On Sunday afternoon we will be running a one-shot self-contained game called Mandate, a game of high fantasy politics. This is a great time to show people what larping is and have a good time at Con before evening festivities. The event is free to all and costuming is encouraged. Rules to come on our site soon.

Upcoming ATE Events

September 29-October 1 at FDR small site

Our September event will be somewhat unique in that it is the culmination of the war between Driftwood and the Warlords. What about new players? Or players who aren’t hardcore warriors? Those players will have the option of getting to play high point NPCs on par with the long term fighters who represent various allied factions that Driftwood has secured. Don’t worry that you’ll be underpowered for this event, we’ve got you covered. More on this coming right after Dragon Con.

November 10-12 at Cloudland Canyon

A full three day as fall color blooms and you visit a town full of Echoes. More to come soon assuming you survive the war. Then again, you might be the Echoes in the town…

2018 – May 18-20 at Harrison Bay

We are pleased to announce a full three day for our 2018 season. We hope to have more dates coming soon after Con as well as a special question for our players. Come see us at our table at D*Con and ask us about the Opossum Project.

That’s all for now and we hope to see you all at Dragon Con or at our next event. Happy Trails!

-The Staff