Last Stand: Allied NPCs Mechanics Breakdown

As the final confrontation with the Allied Warlords approaches, the folk of Driftwood have taken to field, acting on intelligence provided by Dom-Strat hackers and White Tiger scouts. With the rear flanks secure, the final confrontation will take place far from the Rock of Ages; the Driftwood forces must stop the assault before it gains unstoppable momentum and resources. Something lies many miles to the east, beneath the ground, that the Warlords have taken interest in. This is their chance, and they don’t reckon they can afford to throw away their shot.

Special Mechanic: Backup Forces

As the Last Stand event will be a high-difficulty war day event, we have developed a Backup Forces mechanic that players may freely make use of during the event. At any time during the event, a player may choose to report to Jackalope Junction and switch from their active PC into a pre-statted NPC template. They may develop the identity and personality of that NPC on their own, but will not be permitted to adjust the stats provided. These Backup NPCs will be roughly 80 point characters with statistics oriented towards battle utility, though each Faction also offers small, unique abilities to its members, as well.


We have selected this approach in order to fulfill three objectives: one, to make the game accessible and fun even to the players of newer or non-combat oriented characters; two, to underline the importance of Driftwood’s choice to proactively ally with other factions; and three, to engage in environmental storytelling about the nature and lifestyle of Driftwood’s allies.


A given player can only have one “Ally of Driftwood” persona. Please remember that any loan of props, weapons, and costuming to players will be on a discretionary basis only; try to provide your own costume if possible.

Allies of Driftwood

All Allies have 3 Grit and can make use of whatever Armor they choose to wear, to a maximum of 5. They will be outfitted with appropriate phys-reps from monster or the player’s personal collection. Their items are considered to be untagged but not Dusty and cannot be given to PCs in any way, shape, or form. Slain Allies Upload with their items. Allies with consumable items have that many for the duration of the game session, rather than per appearance.




Costuming: Light clothing, blues, netting, other nautical themes


The Gillfolk of Sugartown, united after over a year of tension under their new Reeve, Thaddeus Cane, have agreed to provide combat support to Driftwood. They offer two types of contributors: Outriders, ferocious melee fighters with basic mutant abilities, and Medicine Folk, older and wiser Gillfolk with knowledge of Doctorin’ to complement mutant abilities.


Sugartown Ally: Gillfolk Outrider

Skills: Fightin’ 4 (Brutality, Nimble Hands)

Special: Permanent +2 Vitality; Spend 1 Grit to produce 4 “Chemical Sickness” packets; spend 1 Grit to regenerate 4 Vitality


Sugartown Ally: Sugartown Medicine Folk

Skills: Medicine 4 (Condition Specialist: Sickness, Field Medic)

Special: Permanent +2 Vitality; Spend 1 Grit to produce 4 “Chemical Accelerate 1” effects; spend 1 Grit to regenerate 2 Vitality

Cult of Robo-Dude

Costuming: Modern, well-kept, icons of their Robo-Dude (firefighter hat, hatchet weapon phys rep, multi-tool, etc.)


Though most are not warriors, the loyal fans of the Cult of Robo-Dude nonetheless devote themselves to Truth, Justice, and the Robonarian Way in whatever manner they can. After vigorous internal debate, two of the internal sects of the Cult have been chosen for the honor of joining Driftwood on the front lines: the Sect of Firefighter Robo-Dude, tough and stalwart rescuers, and the Sect of Handy-Hand Robo-Dude, adaptable junkers and nanoweavers.


Cult of Robo-Dude Ally: Firefighter Robo-Dude Adherent

Skills: Fightin’ 4 (Rugged, Shock Trooper), Medicine 4 (Field Medic, Condition Specialist [Slow])

Special: Reduce all Fire damage to 1


Cult of Robo-Dude Ally: Handy-Hand Robo-Due Adherent

Skills: Nanoweavein’ 4 (Consignment, Nanocrystal Expert), Junkin’ 4 (Mad Bomber, Security Expert)

Special: May use Patchwork activations as Tinkerin’ activations and vice versa


Steel Magnolias

Costume Cues: Rustic, roughspun, simple, kindly; all have a green armband


Though the Steel Magnolias’ ministrations are normally appreciated by more common folk, as opposed to the hardened and independent Drifters, they have been called upon to answer the depredations of the Allied Warlords and have chosen to answer. To that end, a few each of the Caretakers and Guardians of the Magnolias have come to lend their aid.


Steel Magnolias Ally: Caretaker

Skills: Medicine 6 (Empowered Trauma Surgeon, Field Medic, Tighten the Stitches)


Steel Magnolias Ally: Guardian

Skills: Fightin’ 4 (Rugged, Brutality)

Special: May only use Shepherd boffers; can call permanent Fire Strike 2s; can freely call Ally Redirect; can spend 1 Grit to call a Fire Mortal Blow or throw a Fire Strike 6 packet

Cult of the Dominant Strategy

Costume Cues: irreverant, eSports paraphenalia, headbands and sunglasses


The violent and erratic Cult of the Dominant Strategy, known commonly as the Dom-Strats, are the most militaristic of Driftwood’s allies, offering desperately needed backup in both physical and Lattice combat. Some of the younger of their Carries, Tanks, and Supports have chosen to seek glory in the field alongside Driftwood on the front lines, though their fervent beliefs about behavior in combat could be an annoyance to their alies.


Dom Strat Ally: Silver-Ranked Carry

Skills: Fightin’ 4 (Ambidextrous Fighter, Brutality), Hackin’ 4 (Overclocked Offense, Agile Methodology)

Special: Will always seek to Killing Blow an opponent they felled; regain 1 Grit when they fully defeat an opponent without allied assistance.

Scripts: Lumina’s Hallowed Blade, Venerated Blade of Defense


Dom Strat Ally: Silver-Ranked Tank

Skills: Fightin’ 5 (Rugged, Nimble Hands), Hackin’ 2 (System Administrator)

Special: +3 Armor value; can use Nimble Hands as Ally Parries; will never retreat from combat if allies are still engaged.

Scripts: Fist of Solum, Veil of Iron, Nano Buster


Dom Strat Ally: Silver-Ranked Support

Skills: Hackin’ 4 (System Administrator, Listen to the Echoes), Nanoweain’ 4 (Consignment, Nanocrystal Expert)

Special: Will never deal a felling blow nor deal damaging effects to targets engaged by others; all Nanoshields and Restore Armors have +1 value

Scripts: The Legion’s Bulwark, Wind Sylphic Dance

White Tiger Clan

Costume Cues: advanced and modern, perfectly put together, professional, fashionable


Though suspicious of humanity, the White Tiger Clan has responded to the kindness of Driftwood with a kindness of their own: the front-line aid of a few engineers and soldiers from their military forces. Provided units are trained as either Ballistics Engineers or Totem Infantry. These well-equipped, well-trained soldiers are self-sufficient and highly specialized.


White Tiger Ally: Ballistics Engineer

Skills: Junkin’ 4 (Ammunition Expert, Mad Bomber), Gunslingin’ 4 (Rapid Reload, Hit the Deck)

Special: Carries 3 Absorber Packs, 3 EMP Grenades, and 3 Needleshot; can use a 2 foot claw


White Tiger Ally: Totem Infantry

Skills: Fightin’ 4 (Nimble Hands, Shock Trooper)

Special: Can use 2 3-foot claws, call a free Power Strike 6 after any Shock Trooper or Nimble Hands activation, choose one of the following special abilities:


  • Turtle: +3 Vitality, spend 1 Grit to regenerate 5 Vitality
  • Horse: Can carry others while still fighting and run while doing so
  • Eagle: Can use Parries against ranged attacks


Essence of Purity

Costume Cues: old-style puritans, fancy hats, vests, fine wear


The majority of the Essence of Purity Movement has aligned itself against Driftwood, but saving Maybelline Cartwright won the loyalty of a few of the splinter group. Though they don’t have access to the infrastructure and resources of the cult at large, a few of those who remained loyal to Maybelline have chosen to fight alongside Driftwood.


Essence of Purity Remnant Ally: Reformed Puritan

Skills: Junkin’ 3 (Mad Bomber), Fightin’ 3 (Nimble Hands), Gunslingin’ 3 (Deadye)

Special: Has 3 Napalm Grenades and 3 EMP Grenades.

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