September Pre-game announcements

Howdy Drifters!

We have several pre-game announcements including a roundup of some announcements and things to know. Most of this has already been posted at least once before but we wanted a roundup of last minute reminders.

So that is this weekend?

Yes, Friday September 29th through Sunday October 1st. Goal for opening ceremonies is 10pm Friday with closing ceremonies 12pm noon on Sunday. If you can’t pre-register/pre-pay we would still appreciate you RSVPing on our FB event here so we know how many people to plan for.

What is this weekend about?

Driftwood has headed South to cut off the supply lines from the Allied Warlords while their allies defend the Rock of Ages. OOP everyone should know that we are headed for an abnormal weekend where there will not be the normal level of content between field battles and the staff will instead be focused on creating about six major battles for the players to face.

How do I pay?

Payment is live. Don’t forget to hit the button to add the $10 for food if you want to eat in the mess hall. Link is here

Where are we sleeping?

If you’re looking for cabin sign up you can find it here 

The cabins are a bit different on this site and are larger (10 people). Players will be in cabins 1 through 3 (cabins are numbered on site). Monster Town will be in another cabin and staff + full time monsters will have their own sleep cabin. Accommodations include a bath house similar to our Harrison Bay events. As with most of our sites, bring your own linens/sleeping bags and toiletries. We are explicitly not doing any cabin raiding this weekend and so there is no medical cabin that requires special approval. All cabins have electrical outlets for those who have medical or other equipment.

How do I sign up for my monster shift?

If you’re looking for monster sign up you can find it here

You’ll notice that sign up for monstering is limited in time slots differently than most of our events. This is due to the “War Weekend” pacing that we are aiming for. For those of you wondering the Orange color for tavern represents

Do I have to pay for parking?
Yes, like all Georgia parks there is a $5 parking fee. You have to obtain this from the ranger’s station.


How do I actually get there?

Coming from Atlanta

  1. Get on I-85 South, go past the city to the South
  2. Take Exit 21 for I-185 South
  3. Take Exit 42 for US-27 towards Pine Mountain. Go Left. Stay on for about 10.5 miles
  4. Left at GA-354 East right after the KFC. If you see Callaway Gardens you’ve gone too far.
  5. About 3 miles later on the Left is the check in station. If you are after hours (after 8pm on Friday) just proceed to the site.


Coming from Tallahassee

  1. Get on US-27 heading North (for about 176 miles or so)
  2. Turn Left to say on US-27 as part of US-27 N/US-280 W (11 miles)
  3. Merge onto I-185 North (33 miles)
  4. Take Exit 34 for GA-18 towards Pine Mountain.
  5. About 7 miles in this road becomes GA-354 East. Stay on for another 3 miles or so and the ranger station is on the left.


Note for Tallahassee folks: the US-27 of the Atlanta directions is not the same as the US-27 from Tallahassee. You cannot just stay on that road and try to reverse engineer it.


From the Check in station to the Small Group Camp Site

  1. Continue on GA-354 about ¾ of a mile
  2. Slight Left onto King’s Gap Road, stay on for about a quarter of a mile
  3. Turn Left onto Group Camp Road and stay on for about 1.5 miles
  4. Turn Left onto Lake Franklin Road, stay on for about a mile and you are there! (If you hit the intersection with N X St then you’ve gone too far)

What if I’m new? I heard about getting to play an NPC?

Yes! You can find all that information here 

What about my business or gathering spot?

If you have a business or other organization that you are the leader of you are welcome to set up a table or other area in the tavern. While we understand that this may not be ideal we as a staff ask that you incorporate it into your role-play since characters are on the road for war and roughing it. We thank you for your patience with this and hope to secure sites in the future where accommodations are better.