September Post game and 2018 Schedule

Thanks to everyone who came out to our War Weekend event at FDR this past weekend. We on staff had a great time and we want to thank all of you for continuing to be a part of the world of After the End.

Reminder: Downtimes are due by midnight this coming Sunday October 8th by close of day. We’re going to have to be faster and stricter on downtimes this cycle because we have another game coming up soon. That being said, we did promise an in-play post-mortem of what happened. Please know that you can achieve any normal in-game downtime action that you would normally do (running a business, gathering information, making a gun, etc.) despite the fact that you are an Echo. The Vale of Chickamauga is up to some weird stuff. Please do not feel like you need to wait on our announcement to do your downtimes and know that the war is wrapping up.

At the last game we also let you know that two more Possum Trot events have been scheduled for 2018. You can check out the specific dates on our Events page.