Post-mortem September

Hey everyone,

Normally something this long would be broken up into a couple of different posts but with the impending deadline for both Feedback and Downtimes we wanted to get some in play and out of play notes out there so that you can make your decisions appropriately.

First off, another reminder that Downtimes are due by the end of the day Sunday. Also: yes, you can do any kind of downtime that you would normally be able to do. Expect some weird flavor but no mechanical interference.

Second, we would like to address some rumor mills issues. Our staff has received reports both formally and informally that some players believe or are under the impression that one or more staff members lied through omission or hid the ball regarding investigations specifically into the Hell’s Belles. We as a staff have discussed internally what was said at various Investigations and compared that with what we know has been said in game about certain things. Our conclusion is that there certain characters are saying things that are either gross misunderstandings or exaggerations of facts that were given out.

Whether these statements are the result of the telephone game, misunderstanding, or some other motivation we cannot say. Normally we would not comment such things because legitimate misunderstanding is part of the game. However, what we cannot abide is an out of play loss of trust in any member of staff based on a misunderstanding. Please continue to have your character believe what they believe but as a player know that there has been no deception nor inconsistency on the part of our staff.

As a brief reminder related to the above, please remember that Investigation results are promised to be truthful at the moment they are received. Forces act on the world continually, both in reaction to PC actions and on their own, and so even within the time frame of a single event, Investigation answers can shift. Inconsistencies should be taken in-character (“the situation has changed”) and not out-of-character (“Christine lied in the other Investigation”). If you have a legitimate concern about staff behavior, you should always submit that via Feedback.

Regarding all of the deaths that happened Sunday morning: We as a staff know that we put all of you in an impossible to win situation and that was for a combination of drama and a logical result of some of what has been done by the characters in Driftwood. Deaths that happened Sunday morning happened in play but are not going to be considered towards your normal “death count” for whether or not your character can come back.

Some of the actions that particular characters have taken have particular ramifications but we as a staff will be reaching out to those people individually to let them know what is going on. If you have questions about your character in particular please feel free to reach out to us.



With the strategic victory of Dread Pass and the surrender by General Collier the Allied Warlords splinter and become uncoordinated.

The Cult of Robo-Dude attacked Fort Roosevelt directly and thus found themselves crashing upon the walls of the Fort and drawing down the attention of a special ops force from the 13th Legion. While minimal casualties were obtained many of their number were taken prisoner. After General Collier’s Echo made contact with the Fort these prisoners were released. It is unknown what price was paid by the Cult to secure their prisoners.

The war’s heaviest casualties came from the White Tiger Clan. In confronting King Kudzu at full strength, the White Tigers took heavy losses. Even more disturbing, as Jackalopes they were not registered with the Lattice and so could not return from death in any way. Though the Cult of Robo-Dudes supply caravans provided precious medical resuscitation goods, many White Tiger lives were still lost due to King Kudzu’s continued dominance of the terrain.

Most triumphant among Driftwood’s allies were the Cult of Dominant Strategy. Having been spread thin from trying (in vain) to locate the crafty Hell’s Belles, the hacker-warriors suddenly found their foes visible — and vulnerable. The Cult lived up to its name by coordinating an immediate attack that drove the Hell’s Belles out of the area, breaking up their communications and leaving many at the mercy of the now-broken Digital Immortality system.

Meanwhile, the small camp of forces from the Vale of Chickamauga leads the Echoes of Driftwood to the Vale to give them reconstituted form. Along the way, they use their arts to give the Echoes temporary physical form to complete tasks. As the Drifters go along, though, it becomes apparent that the Echoes and Driftwood’s allies are treating them differently. With some minimal inquiry, the town becomes aware that the use of a corner case regarding Parley rules, allowing the a second Parley on Saturday night, has given the town a bit of black eye reputation wise.

Though not considered in full-blown “violation of Parley,” other factions have become more cautious of formal dealings with Driftwood. Even Driftwood’s allies will not deal with your town unless presented with at least a majority of the town council or a signed communication with endorsement from the full town council. Meanwhile, Driftwood’s enemies might demand even more from a Parley to consider it legitimate. Diplomats know that this suspicion might fade over time, particularly if helped along by diplomatic endeavor.