Old Zeke’s Trade Show

You’ve already seen what a character might become eventually. What about what your character does when they start? What about the day-in/day-out Skills that help people get by after the fall of civilization?

There’s a few skills and abilities that everyone is assumed to be able to do. Everyone can read and write. Everyone can uses all of the basic weapons and firearms in the game. Beyond that, here’s the current (subject to playtesting) list of what the Skills are and a bit of what to expect from them. We are still ironing out some of the specifics of game mechanics and so instead I present to you the skills as explained by Old Zeke the moonshiner**.


Book learnin’ has it’s uses. I don’t know why knowin’ what year Napoleon lost Pedro’s election at Waterloo makes you better at findin’ stuff out but they seem to know where to look for answers.


This here’s my trade and if you pay me enough I can get you a needle full ‘a joy or something that will help you with some ‘tother thing. What? No, this is my trade, a Calling (capitalization is teaser not typo) is something different


Guns are good for killing but a real hunter probably has a bow. Good for shootin’ folks but also for roundin’ up some meat.


They’s folks out there that are good at talkin’ to a you about self-actualizin’ your cognitive bias or some other such nonsense. Give me a saloon gal or guy any day of the week and I’ll feel better for quite a while after that.


Some folks are hard to get a read on. You’d think all most folks would want would be a bite and a bottle but if you’re dealin’ with someone who’s thoughts are suspect then you want one of these folks to suss ‘em out.


Personally I’d call these entertainers but others would say that only those that bare their souls get anywhere with this. Singers, dancers, painters and all kinds of your creative types do this to sing for their supper. If music be the wine of love, then drink on.


Everybody knows how to load a gun and pull a trigger. Some folks spend their free time on target practice and gettin’ the most stoppin’ power outta ever’ shot.


The Lattice is still out there and some folks can make the most of it. I always try to help hacker friends out so that if I should get uploaded they can come and get me. They say they do other stuff to suss things out but mostly I just don’t want to die.


Want to chop down a tree? Want to chop down a person? Just sayin’ it’s kind of the same thing.


Folks still practice the art because you can’t trust the Lattice to bring you back all the time. Personally I’d rather have this bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.


Lots of stuff got left over before the End. One time I saw a guy who made whisky still out of a stand mixer, video game controller, and a frog skeleton. The whisky was always a bit peat boggy but it did the trick.


Lost of folks got guns. Lots of folks got big sticks. Some lug who carries a knife bigger that a bitty utility thing? Watch out, they’ll cut you.


Most folks can put needle to thread and patch up something to cover their nether bits. If you’re lucky you might have a vest or a corset that can protect you from a hit or two.


You can’t always trust new places but if you stay in once place too long you’ll use up the stuff that’s there. These folks are some of the best at findin’ new places. Me? I like to keep my still running so they come to me.


We all try to find stuff. These folks are the best at findin’ stuff lyin’ around. They’re mah main source of herbs for some of my special recipes.

All in all the best trade to practice is Apothecary. You can make booze. If you have booze then you don’t care about other things.**

**The views and opinions of Old Zeke the Moonshiner are not necessarily the views of the After the End Larp and/or it’s parent company and/or affiliates. After the End would like to express the official opinion that Old Zeke probably should cut back a bit and that he could benefit from adding coffee to his cup once in a while if he’s going to call it “Irish Coffee” before noon.