Traits of Deadwood

More chunks of the character creation process today. Today we are getting into Traits. Our general model of character creation will look much like the FoD/Fractured system and much like those games we have character Traits for core talents of the characters. However, we’ve restructured Traits to be more reflective of a Post-Apoc Western setting. For us, an important Western influence is Deadwood. Watching Deadwood you see a Western town where the town is the focus and everyone drops into and out of each other’s stories…kind of like a larp. So, which Deadwood character would have which Trait?

Blazing George Hearst

Blazing characters have an intuitive sense of radiation and various other stray energy floating around the world. Just as George Hearst had a feel for where gold was by a series of cues, Blazing characters have a feel for the weird things out there.

[The Earth} tells me where the color is. That’s all it tells me. My God.

Buckled  Ellsworth

Buckled characters are very self sufficient and good at doing more with less in terms of food and other supplies. No one knows how to tighten their buckle and take care of themselves quite like Ellsworth.

Well here’s to you, your majesty. I’ll tell you what. I may a fucked my life up flatter than hammered shit, but I stand here before you today beholden to no human cocksucker. And workin’ a payin’ fuckin’ gold claim. And not the U.S. government sayin’ I’m tresspassin’ or the savage fuckin’ red man himself or any of these limber dick cocksuckers passin’ themselves off as prospectors had better try and stop me.

Charming Al Swearengen

Charming characters are good at getting you to listen to them and at talking to and leading people. Is there anyone quite as charming and good at getting people at following him as Al?

Be over in a couple of hours, we need to form a government for the settlement.

Quick Wild Bill Hickock

There used to be a saying that in the West there were two kinds of gunfighters, the quick and the dead.

Was that you or me Montanna?

Rattling Harry Manning

There aren’t many mechanics in Deadwood but there was one man who really liked machines and was good at keeping a few things working. Harry Manning was not so much a gunfighter or tinkerer as a man who wanted to solve problems.

Tom:   I have something to show you, Harry. The Finster Model 60 steam pumper fire wagon.

Harry: 120-gallon boiler?

Tom:   Three brass nozzles.

Harry: Nickel-finished firebox?

Tom:   I believe that to be the case.

Schooled Alma Garrett

Not everyone will have Academics but some characters will have a general sense of educcation and a sense of knowledge out there. Of course, not everyone can get an education unless you’re a creche kid (teaser!). In Deadwood there are a few people who have had higher education but Alma Garrett is clearly an educated lady.

I could teach Sophie if called upon

Sharp “Calamity” Jane Canary

Being sharp eyed and keenly aware can be a real asset in the field. Jane worked as a scout for the military among her other talents.

This is a good spot. If the cocksucker comes from this way I’ll see him and if he comes from that way I’ll see him.

Shaver Trixie

Shavers are good at crafting things more efficiently and making good use of money. Though she starts in one trade of whoring she takes to accounting and always seems to get some money when she needs it.

Trixie $127.49, both columns seperate verified.

Sol Star: Lying with aplomb, you’ve got the true calling.

Tough Dan Dority

Rough and tough characters are sometimes the only ones who survive out in the wild. Dan was one of the original settlers and he knew that his strengths were not in the mental department.

What is there to consider over, Al? That sea-creature Turner called me out!

Wise Doc Cochran

Mental coercion takes a number of forms in ATE thanks to the number of social skills and a little bit of psychic things floating around. Doc Cochran never got intimidated no matter what evil was threatened to his person.

 You with that ugly fuck by your own free will, Doc?

Yes, yes I am. I’d rather be lucky than smart.