What year is it anyway?

In 2015, it will be 2296 but by 2016 it will be 2316. What does this mean? What is Year Zero?

Year Zero is the active playtest of the ATE rules.  As a  Year Zero character, you will create a character, earn experience, perform downtime actions, and craft items, and participate in an ongoing story that will shape the beginning of the game when it fully launches in 2016. However, at the end of Year Zero, plot will jump forward in time, and your Year Zero character will become an NPC.  You will need to make a new character to continue to play in the game, but you are allowed to create a character with ties to a Year Zero character, including your own.  You will also be able to roll over all experience you earned in Year Zero to your Year One character.

From a story point of view, our story begins in March 2015 and taking place in 2296, which is a full 20 years before our regular story begins. Over the rest of the year, time will jump forward as the original founders of the town have key moments in their history. In 2016 our time will finally jump forward to 2316 and begin Year One, the true beginning of our story.

We will be putting our rules, story ideas, and NPC concepts through the wringer.  We may adjust rules between games for balance and fun purposes. For that reason, players will be allowed to freely respend character points between games. After game gets started, we will allow people to respend after their first game or after major rules revisions, which we hope there will not be any after Year Zero. We expect character creation to be fairly straightforward so you can do so on site. However, we hope yo have character creation forms done before game so you can submit ahead of time.

The current schedule for Year Zero is as follows:

March 7, 2015: One day event at Red Top Mountain Primitive site

June 26-28, 2015: Three day camping event at Redt Top Mountain Primitive

September 4-7, 2015: Dragon Con. We will be putting in a bid for Dragon Con 2015. At this time we cannot confirm our acceptance but we can say that if accepted we’ll be doing an in continuity ATE event as well as some other larps.

Fall/Winter 2015: Unscheduled but we are currently looking at a full cabin 3-day, most likely at Harrison Bay, TN.