Roundup of Changes

This past Saturday the ATE staff had our first ever full staff  meeting that was live and in person. While we were there, we discussed setting, rules, logistics and worked on getting our team moving towards the well coordinated staff that we all want to be for you the player. However, when you try to be the best game that you can be, sometimes you have to change things that have already been put out there. There are some specific rules changes that have been generally decided but we’d thought it might be best to give a breakdown of some of the bigger decisions and changes that came out of this meeting.

Code of Conduct

While it is far from completion, we wanted all of you to know that we are working on a more detailed Code of Conduct for the game. This will help clarify in more detail the kind of social environment and game that we are trying to achieve. It won’t just be about player behavior but about player and staff relationships and what you should expect from us and what we expect from you. It will include certain iron-clad rules of the setting that we intend to never break. For instance, it is fine if your character believes in magic as long as you understand out of play that magic will never show up no matter how many research actions you throw at it.

Melee Skill Trimming

More than one of you have commented about how we are a game that claims to be about guns but has multiple fighting Skills dedicated to Knives and Hatchets and only one skill for Shootin’. We will be revising our rules to make it so there is only one skill for combat in Melee (Western themed name pending). Our normal fighting skills will then be Shootin’, Archery, and Melee. You should expect more specific fighting with weapons to be sprinkled throughout Mutation.

Bullet Counting

Expect a more extensive article on this as we hammer out details but this has been a debate behind the scenes recently. We’ve been trying to figure out how to balance out being a gritty game of bullet counting with being a game that emphasized foam dart guns as the primary form of combat. We’re pretty sure we’ve got this figured out now and you should expect a more extensive article on guns to come out soon.

Grit, Calling, and Traits

Originally this was going to be today’s article. I had it 90% done actually. You’ve heard us refer to Grit and Calling before as teasers but what you did not know has mostly been changed. The previous article on Traits is somewhat moot as well. Expect another article on this down the line and for Traits to be less generic and more specific to archetypes.


We don’t want to give away too much right now but we did get a bunch more fleshed out at this meeting. What you’ve read of the setting remains true but we will be putting more out to you every other week on our Setting leaks. For now let’s just say the following in no particular order: train, ascots, prison, neutral territory, blackout zone, cult of the lattice, garden party, Shakespeare.