Foam Darts of Fury

Guns, we have them. But what does that actually mean if you want to use one? What does it mean when you fire a gun? We’ve got some answers here to help whet your appetite. Some numbers are mentioned but we want to stress that we are still in alpha drafting stage and these things could change. That means we want to hear feedback from you on what you think of the current draft and we may make changes between now and when the first event happens.

What counts as a “gun” in this game?

Foam dart type guns are considered the default for this game. If you wish to have a gun with the larger dart types that is fine but they will not do more damage. Guns that have more ammo that they can hold will cost more in-game resources to make and maintain. As long as it is firing darts and is not battery assisted then it does not matter what it looks like so “crossbow” type shooters that fire darts still get to be “guns” under this system.

How much damage does one shot do?

A single shot with a dart is considered to be 2 damage. We’re expecting total Resilience to top out about 9 or 10 so 2 can be pretty deadly. You do NOT have to call the 2 when you shoot as that is assumed though other game effects will have to be called before the trigger is pulled.

What about guns with “motors” such as battery enhanced guns and other non-dart projectiles like “missiles”?

Our current draft of the rules has a “Heavy Ordinance” ability that Shootin’ skill will get at level 6. This includes semi-auto guns that are battery assisted, missiles, etc.

Will I have enough bullets?

Every character gets a certain number of free “bullets” for each combat. Currently we’re going with 5 bullets per combat and then more and can come back after 10 minutes of full rest. If you run out of bullets then there will be tagged clips of bullets to reload your guns with (right now we’re thinking 5 per clip). Our hope is that doing this will help us walk the line between having a focus on guns and being a gritty resource based game.