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Question: I recently ran into a group of federals and they attacked me. I think I killed one. I mostly range towards Appalachia so I’m wondering if I need to worry about Colllier coming for me.

Asked by Rambling Rover29

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If you’re towards the Western or Northern parts of Appalachia then you are fine. If you are anywhere in the lines of Old Georgia or Tennessee then you are screwed and I’d recommend making arrangements to join the Lattice.

answered by Nightingale News

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Collier is a myth. The idea that there is some bogeyman still hunting the Old South coming for people who mess with Federal patrols is just ridiculous. The war between Federals and Drifters ended a long time ago and this is just Federal propaganda to try and make sure that  people leave Federal scouts alone, which is a good idea anyway. You’ll be fine RR.

answer by Lonely Mountain Fracker

He is no myth. His full name is Ambrose Bierce Collier and he is also not one man. The stories are wrong in that he is not a lone badass but he is the most charismatic man I’ve ever met and he is probably the greatest tactical genius since The End. On top of that he’s a crazy fanatic for the Federals and weirdly obsessed with plays. LMF is right that the war is over but Collier justifies his battles in that he officially has a Writ of Mandamus from the Federals and he says that justifies hunting “all enemies of the state.” He’s got dozens of networks working for him and I was one of them till I realized we were on a suicide mission. That’s when I took food and ammo and booked it. I thought I was beyond his reach but I’ve had to keep moving to stay a step ahead of him. Forget what NN said, no matter where you are you are not safe. Keep moving.

answer by Soldier of Misfortune

RR-I have reviewed the Lattice records and you clearly acted in self-defense and disengaged when you realized it was a federal patrol. You are not listed and you’ll be pleased to know the man you shot made a full recovery. SoM – I’ll see you soon.

answer by ABC