The Road to Amnesty

2,222 A.D. The End
Bees die and within a year civilization comes crashing down.

2,223 A.D. The Dawn of the New Federal Government
A handful of government officials gather in Chicago and enshrine a new federal government under the U.S. Constitution. Due to a lack of resources and difficulty of collaboration, this government officially controls only a miniscule portion of what was once the continental United States and realistically only a sliver of that.

As the years pass many if not all outsiders to the Federals are thought of as “drifters”

2245 A.D The Sack of New York
Anti-Drifter sentiment comes to a head when a group of pirates calling themselves Drifters sack the city of New York and burn most of reclaimed Manhattan. The Federal government beings the “War against Drifters” putting a bounty on all outsiders. While not constantly raging in battle, the map becomes a constantly shifting web of alliances and danger zones for those who merely wish to live free.

2296 A.D. The End of War
January: After over fifty years of hunting Drifters the federal government declares that it has “won” it’s war and that the only Drifters that remain are harmless mendicants who are not enemies of the state.

February: In response to this, many community change what territories they claim to reflect what territories they control. The Sovereign City of Atlanta changes it’s borders from being most of North Georgia to ending at Old 285.

March: After looking at the map, a large area of both the Federal and Atlanta maps marks the area around Lake Alatoona and Red Top Mountain as “Amnesty” and labels that they will not pursue anyone who is in those areas or dispute control of it. Lattice chatter quickly begins to circulate that folks are going to head up and try to make a land claim in that area where good fishing and decent Lattice collection is known to be. Two groups seem to be assembling from the South of Atlanta and North of Atlanta respectively. Based on local weather, it’s expected that both should be hitting the road on March 7th.

PC’s will be playing one of two groups that are informally heading to do a land grab on Lake Alatoona in an area known as “Amnesty”. PC’s will be divided at the start of play into two groups. One group will be expected to monster for the first part (about 2 hours) and the second to monster for the second part (about 2 hours) after which both groups will “arrive” simultaneously to a third part (about 1 hour).
We ask that all players and full time NPCs bring either “basic blacks” of larping for playing NPCs. In addition, blue jeans without obvious logos and white dress shirts (both of which are ok to get dirty) are also acceptable “monstering” gear for us.

After the event, we expect to have a post-mortem on site for about an hour or so to discuss how things went but we also ask that you reserve your more detailed comments for after the game via email. After the game everyone is welcome to leave but we will be doing soft-role play with NPC content for those who wish to camp out over night.