The full dates for our 2017 season are outlined below. We hope to add a couple of convention appearances but those may or may not have game events attached to them.



When: September 1-4

Where: Downtown Atlanta

Freestyle Science has been confirmed for Dragon Con 2017. At this time we have not been assigned a specific location or time. We will not be running any previously known settings and are opting for a self-contained one shot to introduce Larping to new people and make sure our players who cannot make it to Dragon Con will not miss any of the ongoing story.


Other 2017 Events


GAME FOUR – South Georgia

When: September 29-October 1

Where: FDR Small Camp


The war has reached a fever pitch. Word has come of supply lines to the South that feed the Allied Warlords. The Drifters are moving to cut them off and draw them out from besieging their allies. This event will take on a different format from our standard events and will be a “weekend long war day”. Essentially there will be five or six major battles with little to no staff content in between battles so we can focus on setting up the next major event. Those players who believe their characters would shy away from such bloody conflict or who are new to the game and would like to fight at the same level as veteran players will be provided with an NPC character from one of Driftwood’s cultivated allies. If you are choosing this NPC option please contact staff ahead of time.

GAME FIVE – Vale of Chicamauga

When: November 10-12

Where: Cloudland Canyon

The Vale of Chicamauga is known as a Ghost Town, literally inhabited by Echoes. Strange things without a clear explanation seem to come from that place and now the Drifters have been invited to spend the weekend in this spectral village.


2018 Events

When: May 18-20

WhereHarrison Bay

The return to the Rock of Ages.