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Rules are will be updated as necessary on a yearly basis, barring extraordinary circumstances. Updates happen during December and the holiday season.

Find the Rulebook here.

Investigations and Freestyle Science



Here you will find links to various setting resources for players and new players. Some links may not be active if they are past their due date.

Background information:

  • Origins
        1. Bunker    Babies
        2. Creche Kids
        3. Cultists
        4. Federals
        5. Road-Born
        6. Townies
        7. Burners (coming soon!)
  • Locations
      1. Atlanta
      2. Birmingham
      3. Chattanooga
      4. Macon
      5. Savannah
      6. The Middle of Nowhere
    1. Setting Summary


Below is our current schedule of downtime due dates through our November event for 2018. We are currently working on our 2019 calendar and that will determine due dates for downtimes of the November event. Expect this to be updated well in advance of the November event.

5/27/2018 – May Downtime Cycle 1 Due (with Flunky actions)

6/17/2018 – May Downtime Cycle 1 Deploy

6/24/2018 – May Downtime Cycle 2 Due

7/15/2018 – May Downtime Cycle 2 Deploy (with Rumors)

July 20-22  ATE at Possum Trot Event

8/5/2018 – July Downtime Cycle 1 Due (with Flunky actions)

9/30/2018 – July Downtime Cycle 1 Deploy

10/7/2018 – July Downtime Cycle 2 Due

11/4/2018 – July Downtime Cycle 2 Deploy (with Rumors)

November 9-11 ATE at Possum Trot Event