Feedback, Downtimes and Expenditures


On this page you’ll find various forms useful to you as a player to submit information to the staff. Please bear in mind that the forms on this page are evergreen and will be updated behind the curtain for your convenience.

Character Advancement Form

Here you can submit any Character Points (CP) you may have earned from the last event and tell us how you would like to spend them.

Feedback Form

Here you can tell the staff what you liked or didn’t like about the last game. Some games have a policy of giving CP or equivalent and we want to be clear that we no longer offer this reward for Feedback. We want to make sure that if you have Feedback that it is only because you feel strongly about something (good or bad) and especially if you have suggestions about what you want to do about it (more of this, less of that, X instead of that). Do not be surprised if submitting Feedback leads staff to reach out to you personally.

Downtime Form

Here you can submit character actions for between games. First pass of actions are usually due two weeks after game and don’t forget you now get a second pass of actions. Pay attention to our forums and social media for due dates.

Monster Shift Preference

Before every game once pay is opened then this form will be opened up. Here you can submit which monster shifts you would like to perform at game. No one is guaranteed to get their preferred monster shift but Greenbacks and pre-registration can put a thumb on the scale.