Welcome to After the End (or ATE for short), a Live Action Role-Playing game of a Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction Western.

What is a Live Action Role-Playing game?

Live Action Role-Playing (or LARP for short) is an interactive experience like no other. You can really break down all the words to get the essence. Live – the game happens live in real time with real people. Action – the game involves taking actions and dramatic actions like romance and fighting. In the case of ATE, that combat is simulated with a touch based system using padded weapons. Role-playing – players of the game take on the role of characters to interact with other characters exploring the world and living out their lives there. Most of the characters will be other players but some will be portrayed by the staff (NPCs or Non-player characters). Finally, we always tack on game because we’re all doing this to have fun even if fun sometimes means being scared, angry, or sad depending on where the story takes us.

What is Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction?

Science Fiction means our game exists in a speculatively possible world, specifically on Earth 300 years from today. This also means we’ll be keeping away from Magic and other elements of fantasy fiction. Though there are psionics and weird mutants running around, these things are understood to be extensions of natural phenomenon or highly developed technology that can be understood by almost anyone. Post-apocalyptic refers to the fact that in our world (After the End after all) that human civilization as we know it has collapsed and the players live among the wreckage of a society that fell almost 100 years before. While some societies and city states have sprung up, Player Characters will be among the drifters who have no set home and only gather periodically to trade and socialize. Our science will not be 100% hard science but could be better described as Weird or Gonzo science. Basically don’t be surprised if radiation can create giant roaches rather than giving them cancer.

Why did you throw in “Western” at the end there?

Different types of fiction have approached the end of the world differently. For instance, in some cases a pseudo medieval society has emerged or even something as desperate as  cave man living among wrecked steel caves. We have chosen that our game will hew closer to the feel and look fiction of the American West aka the Wild West. This will be reflected in many of the aesthetic choices we make as a staff. This will not be the only aesthetic concern (remember what I said about giant cockroaches?) but don’t be surprised if a plethora of NPCs will have stetsons and dusters on.

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