Staff and Contact

Who is running this show?

Ann Moormann

Ann went to her first LARP when she was in high school in 2002.  She spent most of her college years being a vampire.  Some of that time was even spent at OWBN events.  She worked with Chris to start FreeStyle Science, which began with Starfarers and is now launching After the End.

Christine Reagan

Christine started LARPing when she was 18 and is now trapped in a lifestyle full of prop-making, costuming, and silly accents. (Send help.) She is on staff for Fractured and spends the rest of her free time pretending to be a dinosaur.

Chris Tang

Chris has been larping since 1997 and has been running larps since 1999 when he joined the staff of Elysium Nights Theater. Since then he’s been a head ST for various Vampire games, staffed and headed multiple projects for convention larps, and was one of the founding directors at Forest of Doors. After a few years off to recoup and parent, Chris formed Freestyle Science with Ann leading to the Starfarers LARP and now ATE. Chris is the elected mayor of Punsylvania currently serving his third term.

Dylan Coffey

Dylan fell deeply in love with LARP in 2008, playing SOLAR: Clanthia, Avegost, and now Forest of Doors and Fractured as well as a number of parlor LARPs. He has a keen interest in LARP as an academic subject as well as in LARP mechanics and their interaction with LARP settings. He holds a philosophy and communications degree from Armstrong State University and fully intends to use it to make you as ethically uncomfortable as possible.


Anyone else?

We are not currently considering anyone else to join the Director’s staff. If you are interested in being a Marshal or helping out in any way please contact us via our Facebook, G+ Community, or