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The world ended a long time ago.  This is what comes after…

After the End (ATE) is a live-action role-playing game (LARP) set in a post-apocalyptic science fiction setting. Players are armed with foam dart guns and their wits to navigate the the wild waste among the ruins of humanity.

Want to know more?

About: tells about the setting and world of After the End along with what to expect at an event.

Forums: a place to interact with staff and players, both in-play and out of play.

Events: information regarding upcoming games and events.

Paying for an Event: a link to our online store. A couple weeks before an event this becomes active.

Feedback, Downtimes & Expenditures: how to spend CP, character actions between events and submit event feedback.

Staff: who is in charge of this show anyway?

Rules: our living-development Alpha-rules system.

Submit a Character: submit a character to play at an AtE event!

Blog Sidebar: interesting information about development or the game world–updates generally happen on Mondays.

Come check out our Facebook and our Google Plus groups to ask questions and talk with the other players!