About After the End

After the End is a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk western LARP that runs out of Tennessee 4 times a year.  We run an 18+ game with emphasis on cooperative storytelling, character growth and achievement, and the personal struggles that everyone faces when staring down the end of civilization.

100 years ago, after reaching dizzying heights of technology and development, the world ended. Society held on for a bit after the fall, but entropy wins in the end when the wheels stop turning, and the rules of existence shifted fast. Those that are still around are the ones that have learned to adapt.

As a player, you’ll be portraying one of those Drifters – someone who isn’t bound fast by society and instead wanders through the world, hoping to eke out a life. Who you are beyond that, and how you leave your mark on what’s left, well – that’s entirely up to you.

After the End takes place at Possum Trot –  517 Adkins Trail, Winfield, TN

To ask us questions directly please reach out to Staff@AfterTheEndLarp.com. We also encourage you to check out our Facebook group to interact with our fantastic community of players.