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Next Event:

January 31-February 2, 2020

Possum Trot

517 Adkins Trail
Winfield, TN 37892 United States

Event information:

  • If you have not already, please fill out the attendance form. Even if you know we know you’re coming, it really helps us out.
  • Monster Shift preference form is here. Please fill that out by Wednesday, January 29th.
  • Cabin Form is here. Please fill it out by end of day (midnight) Sunday, January 27th. Please note that the floor space is not available until all bed slots have been filled (or you have made specific prior arrangements with staff).
  • If it’s your first event, please visit the Player Resources page of the website for forms and information you’ll need. Also, the text of what will be covered at the newbie briefing can be found here.

This event is $100 for returning players, $50 for new players. Both of those prices include food for the weekend and game-supplied ammunition.  Online payment is accepted until Thursday, January 30, at midnight, and you can also pay on-site. If you pay after January 30, please make sure you have your payment receipt handy at checkin!

  • Traveling more than 400 miles to game? Use DISTANCE at checkout to take 20 dollars off the cost.

Questions? Email us at!