July 2020 Event Cancelled

Hello everyone,

We hope this finds you all well, safe, and healthy in these trying times. We regret to announce cancellation of our July event. At this time we see no way of having our event in a way that does not contribute to the spread of COVID 19 and so the safer and saner decision is to cancel. Kim has been informed and for those concerned about finances please know that part of our agreement with her for deposits is that we reschedule up to a year later so our deposits for March and July will be going to 2021 events. At this time November is too far away to contemplate the consequences but we will revisit this question in October and base our decision on that. For those in need of a refund for prepaid events or a partial refund for subscription in 2020 please contact us at staff@aftertheendlarp.com.

Wash your hands. Wear mask. Practice social distancing. Black Lives Matter.


The ATE Staff